The joint Syrian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and Industry inaugurated in Baghdad

Baghdad, SANA – The joint Syrian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and Industry was inaugurated Monday in Baghdad with the aim of enhancing bilateral relations and further coordinating efforts to increase investment and trade exchange.

In a statement to the Syrian TV, Syria’s ambassador to Iraq, Sattam Jad’an al-Dandah, said that this move came in response to the mutual intention of both countries to boost trade and industrial relations in a way that serves the interests of their people.

Chairman of the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Ja’afar al-Hamadani indicated that the main objective is to create more opportunities for Syrian and Iraqi businessmen to exchange visits and participate in conferences and forums that are to be held in Damascus or Baghdad which would in turn push forward the strategic partnership between the two sides.

He noted that 155 Iraqi commercial, industrial and agricultural companies declared their participation in the 59th edition of Damascus International Fair to be held on August 17th.

At the beginning of 2017, Syrian and Iraqi Federations of Chambers of Commerce signed a protocol to establish a joint Syrian-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce.

The protocol provides for opening markets for the products of the Syrian and Iraqi exports and working on the development of quality of the exported products through exhibitions and marketing campaigns. It also provides for activating the exchange of visits of businessmen and to facilitate the granting of visas to citizens of both countries.



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