Al-Hilal calls for coordinating efforts to speed up process of rebuilding Aleppo City

Aleppo, SANA – Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal stressed the importance of Aleppo’s victory over terrorist scheme, plotted by Syria enemies and their tools in the region represented by the armed terrorist groups, this victory which was achieved thanks to the steadfastness of Syrian people and their support to the army.

Al-Hilal made his remark during the annual conference of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party – Aleppo Branch held on Sunday.

He called upon all parties concerned to coordinate efforts and provide assistance to Syrian people and alleviate their suffering through speeding up the reconstruction process and the rehabilitating the terror-affected neighborhoods, electricity and water networks and infrastructures to enable them return to their homes.

For his part, Minister of Public Works and Housing Hussein Arnous highlighted the huge damage caused due to the terrorist attacks which targeted the infrastructure of Aleppo city, pointing out that massive amounts of rubble and debris have been removed from the main streets and the ministry is working on to build 6000 residential units with a total cost of SYP 60 billion.

For his part, Tourism Minister Bishr Yazigi underlined the ministry’s efforts to rehabilitate the tourism sector in Aleppo, adding that 115 tourist facilities, out of 228 ones which were affected by terrorist attacks have been re-operated.

He noted that an investment map for Aleppo city has been set up with the aim of helping the rehabilitation of tourist facilities and establish new services and investment projects.

In turn, Minister of Health Nizar Yaziji pointed out to the ministry’s unceasing efforts to upgrade the health sector in the province through re-opening three health centers in the Eastern neighborhoods and rehabilitating 6 others in addition to the rehabilitation of the Aleppo National Hospital.

He noted to the steadfastness of the health sector and its cadres to provide medical and treatment services to all citizens throughout the years of crisis, indicating that 98 hospitals continued to provide their services across Syria.

In the same context, Minister of Local Administration and Environment Hussein Makhlouf said that the ministry will import new machines in order to be part of the reconstruction process, estimating the total cost at SYP 2 billion 350 million, in addition to signing contracts worth SYP 650  million allocated to import new machines to  Aleppo city.

Electricity Minister Mohammad Zuhair Kharboutli noted that the ministry has intensified efforts to supply Aleppo city with electricity through providing power to al-Khafseh area in order to feed the water pumping stations through a 28-km-long 66 KV line from Tishreen Dam through menbij to al-Khafseh and rehabilitating the 230 KV line from Tishreen Dam to al-Babiri region.

He noted that 4 power generation groups with a capacity of 25 megawatts (MW) each worth 100 million euro will be imported and connected with the Thermal Power Plant in Aleppo, in addition of importing 10 power generation groups to supply the city with 250 MW.

Minister of Water Resources Nabil al-Hassan reviewed the efforts exerted to supply Aleppo city with water and activate the irrigation system starting from al-Khafseh areas through the rehabilitation of 4 76-km-long lines to bring water from al-Babiri area, east to Aleppo and the digging of more than 50 new wells and put them into service.

Aleppo Governor Hussein Diab talked about the procedures taken by the Governorate to rehabilitate the residential areas through forming committees to inspect the damaged buildings and neighborhoods in coordination with the directorates of water, electricity and communications to sign 12 agreements with Aleppo City Council to remove the debris, in addition to 10 contracts on rehabilitating the streets and approving 16 projects to be implemented as part of the reconstruction process this year.



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