Parliament Speaker: Syria supports every project to revive pan-Arabism

Damascus, SANA – Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hadiyeh Abbas stressed on Saturday that Syria will always support all initiatives and projects aimed at reviving and bolstering pan-Arabism and boosting the Arabs’ ability to deal with the challenges
facing the Arab nation and its future.

Abbas’s remarks came during a meeting with the visiting delegation of the Arab Popular Front for Unity.

She considered that the existence of such a front is a strong indication of the recovery of the pan-Arab approach and that political and intellectual elites have really regained the initiative to launch a new Arab project based on joint action and common destiny in the face of the forces of takfirism and those seeking fragmenting the nation.

For their part, members of the delegation stressed the need to convey the real image of what is happening on the ground in Syria and belie the false reports that the hostile media outlets circulate to distort the facts.

The delegation of the Arab Popular Front for Unity includes political and media figures from Egypt, Sudan, Palestine and Libya, in addition to representatives of the Front from Syria.

H. Said

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