Syria demands UN condemnation of terrorist attacks in Damascus

Damascus, SANA – Syria demanded on Saturday that the UN Secretary General and Chairman of the Security Council condemn the two terrorist bombings that took place in Damascus city in the afternoon.

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed letters to the UN top officials informing them that two civil vehicles were targeted earlier today with two devices packed with highly explosive materials in Bab Mousalla area, leaving more than 40 civilians dead and over 120 injured.

This “cowardly” act of terror coincided with the terrorist organizations’ targeting of Damascus neighborhoods with tens of rocket and mortar shells, leaving a large number of civilians dead or injured and causing massive damage to the public and private properties, mainly hospitals and schools, the letters said.

They added that this attack came in retaliation for the victories which the Syrian Arab Army has achieved against ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra and the other terrorist entities linked to them in many areas, including in Deir Ezzor, Palmyra, northeastern Aleppo and the countryside of Damascus.

The attack also reflects the terrorist organizations’ rejection of the reconciliations that have been witnessed in several areas, the Ministry said.

It went on saying that while the Syrian government condemns this and other such acts of terrorism committed by the terrorist organizations and backed by known governments and regimes, “it reiterates again that all parties participating in the talks held in Astana and Geneva distance themselves from the terrorist organizations.”

The Ministry demanded in its letters a condemnation from the UN Secretary General and the Security Council of this terrorist attack and that the governments and regimes supporting the terrorist organizations, mainly those of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and some Western states, be compelled to stop all forms of support to these organizations in line of the resolutions of the UN and the Security Council no. 1267 for 1999, 1373 for 2001, 2170 for 2014, 2178 for 2014, 2199 for 2015 and 2253 for 2016.

H. Said

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