Premier Khamis: Government prepared to take steps to improve media discourse

Damascus, SANA – Prime Minister Imad Khamis on Saturday met heads of media establishments and institutions, discussing with them means to devise a clear media policy in political, economic, social, intellectual, and development fields and implementing mechanisms to develop media discourse.

Premier Khamis asserted that the government prepared to take steps and issue legislations and decisions to improve media discourse to match aspirations, stressing the need to restructure all establishments within a specific timetable and appointing administrations based on skills and not any other considerations.

He stressed the need for a plan to train media staff and for a specific mechanism for hiring staff in the Information Ministry, asking the heads of media establishments to form work teams to develop media work and give more attention to electronic media.

For his part, Information Minister underlined the necessity of uniting efforts to develop media discourse, noting that there are two work teams at the ministry working on financial and administrative development.

Discussions during the meeting touched on various issues including print media, shortages in workforces, evaluating staff, and facilitating the work of journalists, among other issues, in addition to reviewing the state of media establishments, the difficulties facing them, and suggestions for improving their work.

Hazem Sabbagh

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