Participants in int’l Islamic unity conference in Tehran congratulate peoples in Syria and Iraq over their victory on terrorism


Tehran, SANA_ Participants in the 30th International Islamic Unity Conference held in Tehran congratulated the Syrian and Iraqi peoples for their victory on the Takfiri terrorist organizations, expressing hope that the two countries will be cleared of terrorists soon.

In a statement issued Saturday evening at the end of the conference entitled Unity and Necessity of Confrontation with Takfiri Movements, the participants called upon the Islamic scholars to condemn those Takfiri terrorists, warning against the Takfiri terrorism’ serious dangers on the Palestinian cause .

The statement stressed that those who created the Takfirist currents aim to distort the firmness and the struggle of the Islamic and national resistance for the Palestinian cause.

It denounced the Takfiri fatwas and proposed the foundation of the international organization of modern Islamic civilization whose mission is spreading the future civilized ideology of the Islamic nation.

The participants re-elected Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun for another 3 years as Head of the General Assembly of the Complex of Rapprochement among Islamic Sects.

The 30th International Islamic Unity Conference kicked off in Tehran Thursday morning with the participation of Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun and the presence of Syria’s Ambassador to Iran Dr. Adnan Mahmod.


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