Damascus Countryside Governorate and Damascus University discuss plans to restore Maaloula city

Damascus, SANA – Damascus Countryside Governor Hussein Makhlouf and Rector of Damascus University Mohmmad Amer al-Mardini discussed prospects of cooperation to repair and rehabilitate buildings in the city of Maaloula, including both residential building and historical structures of archeological significance.

The meeting, which was held at the antique house of Fakhri al-Baroudi in Damascus, was attended by staff from the Architectural Engineering Faculty at the Museum, the Archeology and Museums Directorate, and students with Master’s degrees in restoring archeological structures.

Following the meeting, Makhlouf said that the plan is to employ local skills and expertise to restore Maaloula’s luster, with this process involving repairing facades, reinforcing the boulder over St. Thecla convent, rehabilitating the infrastructure, and providing loans to help locals restore their homes.

He said that the Governorate plans on relying on Damascus University to provide solutions and plans for repairing the damage caused to Maaloula by terrorist groups, taking into consideration the city’s cultural and historical heritage and employing a precise timetable allowing for swift and efficient work.

In turn, al-Mardini said that Damascus University’s involvement in the plans for restoring Maaloula city will be a testimony to the skills and expertise of its students and faculty, hoping to expand cooperation to cover all cities damaged by terrorism.

H. Sabbagh

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