Two children injured in landmine blast left behind by Daesh terrorist, Hama countryside

Hama, SANA- Two children were injured in explosion of a landmine left behind by Daesh terrorists in the town of Arshuna in Hama eastern countryside.

A source at Hama Police Command told SANA reporter that a landmine left behind by terrorists of Daesh terrorist organization went off in Arshuna town in Salamiya area in eastern countryside of Hama, causing the wounding of two children.

The source indicated that the two children were admitted to the Salamiya National Hospital to receive the necessary medical treatment.

Before their defeat, the terrorist organizations planted landmines and improvised explosive devices in the places of their spreading and hid them in the villages and towns and in agricultural lands to inflict as much damage as possible to the people who return to their areas after liberating them from terrorism.

Bushra Dabin /Hala Zain

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