On the 75th founding anniversary, the Syrian Arab Army is more determined to defeat terrorism and its supporters

Damascus, SANA- The Syrians celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Syrian Arab Army, recalling a glorious history of Syria that was made through the courage of the army with their sacrifices.

The history of the brave army is full with pages of honorable struggle; heroic battles it has carried on in defense of the dignity of the homeland.

Since its establishment, it was the hope of the nation to defend its causes, so it raised the banner of confronting the Western Zionist scheme to usurp Palestine and give it to the Zionist gangs in the 1940s, and then it formed a strong fort against the Zionists’ ambitions to expand and usurp more Arab lands until the early seventies.

Then the army has carried on the October liberation war, when the Syrian soldiers destroyed the image of the occupation forces in which they claimed that it couldn’t be defeated.

The army was a major assistance to the Lebanese national resistance until most of the southern Lebanese lands were liberated in 2000, reaching to the defeat of the Israeli enemy in 2006.

On the anniversary of its foundation, the Syrian Arab Army is going on stronger and more determined to purify the rest of the country after more than nine years of an aggressive terrorist war targeting people and stones.



Nisreen Othman/Mazen

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