Putin: Situation in Syria is improving in favor of Syrian Army…success of military operation in Deir Ezzor means terrorism defeat

Xiamen, China, SANA – Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the situation in Syria is developing with the Syrian Army’s achieving victories in its war against terrorism, pointing out that terrorism is a complicated global matter and the main problem is that some sides continue to provide aid to the extremist terrorist organizations.

In a press conference held Tuesday at the conclusion of the BRISC Countries Summit held in the Chinese city of Xiamen, Putin said that the situation in Syria has been radically changing in favor of the Syrian Army with more areas being liberated from terrorism.

“Indeed, the situation is developing in favor of the government troops,” he said.
“You know that the territory controlled by the government forces has swelled a lot in the past two years, and the process still continues,” Putin added.

The Russian president hoped that the military operation against ISIS would succeed in Raqqa, clarifying that its success in Deir Ezzor would mean that terrorism has lost and that would lead to very important steps on the course of the peaceful political process and it would also allow the Syrian Government to rebuild the economic and social fields.

He pointed out that the meetings of BRICS and G20 Summits focus on counterterrorism and setting tactics and strategies for this purpose in Syria, stressing that BRICS countries expressed readiness to support Syria in the post-settlement stage.

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