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US helicopters evacuate foreign leaders of Daesh from Tal al-Shayer, Hasaka

Hasaka, SANA- US helicopters evacuated foreign leaders of Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization from Tal al-Shayer area, about 20 km to the southeastern of al-Shadadi city in Hasaka province, according to …

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Washington evacuates Daesh terrorists to invest them for its hostile agendas

Hasaka, SANA – The United States is continuing to protect the remaining terrorists affiliated to Daesh (ISIS) in the eastern area, evacuating some Daesh leaders via its helicopters. Civil sources …

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US helicopters evacuate terrorists from al-Sad camp to unknown destination

Hasaka, SANA – As part of Washington’s policies that support Daesh organization, US helicopters evacuated groups of Daesh terrorists from al-Sad (dam) camp, south of Hasaka city to an unknown …

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