First train trip in Aleppo sets off after 4 years stop

Aleppo, SANA – first train trip set off on Wednesday between Jibrin and Baghdad stations in the city of Aleppo after more than four years stop.

Transport Minister Ali Hammoud affirmed that the train re-run in the city of Aleppo is an achievement which comes after the victory of the Syrian Arab Army and people over terrorism and restoring security and stability to the entire city and clearing it from extremism.

He pointed out that the ministry has future plans to develop this vital utility, including connecting Jibrin station with the Industrial City.

For his part, Director General of the General Establishment of Railways Najib Fares pointed out that four trips will set off daily between the stations of Jibrin and Baghdad and each trip is able to accommodate 600 passengers.

He added that the establishment is ready to increase the number of wagons according to need and demand.


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