Foreign Ministry: Terrorists’ exploitation of children to achieve their goals proves that their sponsors don’t care about Syrian children’s lives

Damascus, SANA – The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that the terrorist organizations’ exploitation of children to achieve their inhumane goals proves that that those who sponsor these organizations do not care about Syrian children’s lives.

In two letters sent to the head of the Security Council and the UN Secretary-General on Sunday, the Ministry said that on 16/12/2016, terrorists exploited a girl around 8 years of age, giving her explosives and making her go to al-Midan Police Station and act as if she’s lost, and after she entered the Station and went into a bathroom in it, the terrorists detonated the explosives remotely, killing the girl, injuring a police officer, and causing material damage to the Station’s second floor offices and bathroom.

The Ministry pointed out that terrorists have exploited children since the beginning of the crisis in Syria in order to achieve their inhumane goals, and this most recent incident shows that the terrorists do not hesitate to exploit children whenever they could, and also proves that those who sponsor these organizations do not care about Syrian children’s lives as they claim, including the life of the girl who was used to carry out the recent bombing and hundreds more like her.

The letters went on to say that the Syrian Arab Republic affirms that such practices, which violate the Convention on the Rights of the Child, must convince the states that support militants in Syria – particularly France, Britain, the United States, and their allies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey who became hysteric recently after the liberation of Aleppo from terrorists – that the support they brag about giving to those terrorist organizations must stop immediately.

The Ministry concluded by saying that Syria affirms the need for the Security Council to implement its decisions on counter-terrorism, decisions which have been forgotten by the American, British, French, and Ukrainian governments who are Security Council members and who continue to mislead the world by failing to commit to the Council’s resolutions on counter-terrorism, including resolution no. 2254.

Hazem Sabbagh

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