An outcry in Moscow over terrorism in Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon

Moscow, SANA – Arab and Russian figures staged an event in the Russian capital Moscow in protest of the international terrorism inflicted upon the Arab people in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

The participants, who included representatives of the Russian public opinion and members of the Arab communities, voiced unshakable support for the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip who have been under a barbaric terrorist aggression launched by Israel for about a month that has so far left 1880 dead and 8470 wounded.

Chanting slogans condemning the systematic killing and destruction practiced by the Israeli in Gaza, the participants called for lifting the years-long siege imposed on the Strip.

They stressed that Israel is an enemy for Russia as much as it is for the Arab peoples.

They denounced the excessive force and brutality which the Zionist entity, with its advanced weapons and indiscriminate shelling, unleashed on the armless people of Palestine, noting that the aggression has so far resulted in the destruction of over 9000 houses and service facilities, including schools, hospitals and electricity facilities.

Speaking to SANA correspondent, the Russian writer Alexander Prokhanov, editor-in-chief of Zavtra newspaper held the Americans and the Zionists responsible for the events taking place around the world.

“They turned the world into a hideous experimental field for their new weapons,” Prokhanov said.

Sergei Baborin, head of the Russian Committee for Solidarity with Syria, highlighted that Israel’s aggression and its killing of the innocent civilians in Gaza raises the issue of the international terrorism which has swept Syria and Iraq and is now spreading through Lebanon.

The participants waved banners calling for curbing the international terrorism unleashed on the Arab peoples, renewing condemnation of the sponsors and masters of terrorism in Israel and the US and warning that terrorism is a threat to the entire world.

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