Syria, Czech discuss means to develop cooperation in reconstruction and relief sectors

Damascus, SANA- Local Administration and Environment Minister Hussein Makhlouf discussed with Czech Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Tlapa means to enhance the prospects of cooperation between Syria and Czech in the reconstruction filed and the relief sector in addition to the possibility of raising the support level in the services sector.

The minister expressed his hope that the friendly countries such Czech will have a role in the reconstruction stage, affirming that the Syrian state provides for free all kinds of protection, care, services and equipment for the families who left their houses due to terrorism.

He pointed out that the 1 million families had been displaced from their areas, noting that the Syrian government established temporary housing centers to reside the families and around 240.000 families have been returned to their areas after the Syrian Arab army restored security and stability to those areas.

Makhlouf pointed out that the relief aid provided by the international organizations covers only about 50 to 60 percent of the real needs while the rest is provided by the Syrian government.

The minister briefed the Czech official on the damage caused by the terrorist attacks on infrastructure, archaeological sites, public and private property and the state’s efforts in compensating for the affected persons, pointing out that the government spent more than SYP 17 billion to compensate for affected persons despite of the war circumstances.

The damage caused to governmental buildings and facilities is estimated at over SYP 4.5 trillion and the collateral damage reached SYP 30 trillion.

For his part, Tlapa pointed out that the Czech government approved the aid program that includes three stages: the first one focuses on providing humanitarian and relief aid to the Syrians with the participation of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).tlapa-czech-local-administration-minister-makhlouf-2

He went on saying that the second stage will focus on the reconstruction process, in cooperation with the Local Administration Ministry, and through it the two sides will rehabilitate some buildings and establishments.

According to Tlapa, efforts in the third stage will focus on economic projects, adding that the main challenge that faces the implementation of this stage currently is the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria.

He pointed out that his country will work to alleviate those measures.

The Czech official said that there is possibility of supplying the cement factories in Syria with some spare parts.

In a press statement, Josef Konecny, the General-Director of Czech Red Cross said that the Czech Red Cross successfully sent batches of humanitarian aid to Syria, including mobile kitchens, crutches, four dialysis devices along with the necessary consumables for their work, adding that these devices are moveable to be used anywhere outside hospitals.

He hoped that more aid will be sent to Syria to ease the pain and suffering of the citizens as a result of war.


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