Truce agreement reached in Hasaka starting at 5PM on Sunday

Damascus, SANA – A truce agreement was reached in Hasaka between the official governmental sides and the Asayish, the military wing of the Kurdistan Workers Party.

SANA reporter in Hasaka said the agreement involves applying a truce system as of 5PM on Sunday and evacuating the wounded and transporting them to hospitals in Qamishli, in addition to restoring the situation in Hasaka to how it was before and beginning new dialogue on Monday to resolve the remaining unresolved issues.

Asayish had escalated their acts of provocation in Hasaka city during the past few days, attacking state establishments, stealing oil and cotton, disrupting examinations, carrying out abductions, and causing a state of chaos and instability, in addition to targeting positions of the Syrian Arab Army which required a suitable response by the Army as it targeted the sources of artillery fire and the gatherings of armed elements responsible for these criminal actions.

Hazem Sabbagh

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