Oil painting forum kicks off in Damascus Citadel

Damascus, SANA- The “Syria, a bridge of amity” oil painting forum kicked off on Wednesday in Damascus Citadel with the participation of ten artists, organized by the Fine Arts Directorate at the Culture Ministry in cooperation with the Applied Arts Institute.

Director of the Applied Arts Institute Talal Beitar, who is one of the participants, said that this event is organized annually by the Culture Ministry in cooperation with the Institute in Damascus Citadel, adding that this historical place ignites the artists’ inspiration and creates comfortable conditions for work.

Oil painting forum 2

Al-Beitar said he will paint two pieces in the expressionist school, and that he will execute them using a few colors but ones that impart happiness and tranquility.

For his part, artist Suheil Ma’touq said he will paint two pieces about the Old City in Damascus, showcasing Damascene neighborhoods, houses, and architectural features.

Meanwhile, artist Asmaa Fayoumi will paint two pieces representing the human being’s meditation to the current situation, employing vibrant and joyful colors in hope of restoring happiness to Syria, noting that her works during the crisis tended to be sad and depressing and more dramatic.

In turn, artist Mohammad al-Shbeib said that he will make two paintings that bring elevation and activity to the painting using techniques that rely on textures and canvass materials.

For his part, artist Marwan Jouban will present two paintings that represent ambiguous human issues in a manner that prompts the viewer to question the meaning of the painting in a way close to abstraction.

The forum will conclude its activities on August 3rd.

Reem / Hazem Sabbagh

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