Syrian Social Nationalist Party voices solidarity with Gaza

Provinces, SANA-The Syrian Social Nationalist Party denounced the Israeli aggression unleashed against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, organizing solidarity stands outside the Party’s headquarters and offices in the Syrian provinces.

The Party blamed, in statements delivered to the audiences who took part in the stands, the international community and the Arab League for the unfolding situation in Gaza, deeming the aggression an attempt to “annihilate the Palestinian people and target the axis of resistance.”

The backward Arab regimes that are backing the aggression against Gaza are the same which foment chaos, terrorism and killing in Syria, the statements affirmed, considering that striking the strategic depth of the resistance, the stated goal of the aggression, has miserably failed.

The statements lauded the Palestinian resistance that has developed new skills and techniques in fighting and delivered  severe blows to the Israeli enemy.

The statements announced the “birth of a true Arab Spring” that, they said, “preserves the strength of the nation, and buries the fake Spring that has brought along woes and suffering to the region.”

حزب سوري 2

Slamming the Israeli aggression and massacres in Gaza, the participants demanded that the international community interferes to stop the Israeli killing machine, saluting the Palestinian resistance that has put up epic steadfastness in the face of the aggression.

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