Humanitarian aid from Chechnya distributed among families in Maaloula city-VIDEO

Damascus Countryside, SANA-A batch of humanitarian aid offered by Chechnya was distributed among the families residing in Maaloula city, in cooperation with the governorate of Damascus Countryside.

Member of the Federation Council of Russia Ziyad Sabsabi, who participated in the distribution process, said in a statement to journalists that the total amount of humanitarian aid offered to Syria is estimated at 500 tons of food baskets and meals.

He pointed out that the distribution of the aid inside the city of Maaloula shows that the aid is not limited to a geographic, religious or ethnic area, indicating that the Chechen Ahmat Kadyrov Charity Foundation will continue to distribute aid in all Syrian areas after the holy month of Ramadan.

In turn, Barakat Maria, member of the executive office in Damascus countryside governorate, said that the aid distribution came as part of the state’s plan, in coordination with the Russian side, to provide assistance to the cities and villages affected by terrorist acts, particularly the city of Maaloula which suffered the worst forms of deliberate sabotage by terrorist organizations.

He added that Damascus Countryside governorate, in cooperation with Damascus University, has set up plans for the restoration of the old town in Maaloula due to its historical importance and provided more than SYP 500 million to repair its houses and the demolished churches inside it.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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