Moscow condemns Saturday bombings, voices support for Syria against terrorism

Moscow, SANA – Russia expressed strong condemnation of the twin terrorist bombings that took place on Saturday in al-Sayyida Zainab area, located to the south of Damascus city.

“Moscow strongly condemns yet another violent action of terrorists on Syrian soil. We express our condolence and compassion to family members and close ones of the victims and we wish a speedy recovery to all injured,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

The Ministry renewed Moscow’s support for Syria against terrorism, with its statement saying, “We reiterate our support for Syria’s nation and government in their struggle against the terrorist threat.

The two terrorist blasts which hit al-Sayyida Zainab area were carried out an explosive belt and a car bomb, claiming the lives of at least 12 people and injuring 55 others.

The International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions (ITUC) also condemned the terrorist attacks and described them as heinous crimes carried out by criminal terrorists who are only interested in implementing the orders of their operators and sponsors.

In a statement, the ITUC affirmed the need to combat international terrorism and expressed its solidarity with Syria in its battle against the terrorist groups.

In turn, the Alliance of Palestinian Forces said in a statement that these crimes will not weaken the determination of the Syrian and Palestinian people to continue fighting the terrorist organizations to foil their schemes, holding the countries supporting these organizations, on top the US, for these attacks.

H. Said

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