Kaisar Palace Hotel in Damascus reopened

Damascus, SANA – On the occasion of International Workers’ Day, the Kaisar Palace Hotel in Damascus was reopened after its rehabilitation with an estimated cost at SYP 6 billion.

The four-star hotel includes 159 rooms and 318 beds, in addition to a restaurant and a wedding reception venue.

Kaisar Palace Hotel 2

Attending the reopening ceremony, Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi said that rehabilitating the hotel is a step in the right direction, due to the important role played by the tourism sector in national economy, adding “we are optimistic that the production process will be launched and everything that was destroyed by terrorism will be rebuilt.”

He pointed out that prior to the crisis, the tourism sector in Syria was a leading sector that showed constant growth, in addition to providing economic and social stability to thousands of Syrian families and producing considerable income for national economy.

The Premier also said that the government is setting up national and strategic plans to rehabilitate the tourism sector and restore its former luster in the near future.

In turn, Alaa Kasado, chairman of Ksado Group for Investment, said that the Damascus Trade Federation and the Group signed a contract in 2008 to operate the hotel for 20 years, but the conditions caused by the crisis delayed refurbishment operations until 2014.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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