“Arameans and Aramaic Language in Maaloula, History and Finance.. Reality and Expectations documented in a book

Damascus, SANA – Friends of Maaloula Association held a ceremony for signing the book entitled “Arameans and the Aramaic Language in Maaloula, History and Finance.. Reality and Expectations” by the researcher Elias Nasrullah, the member of the Association Board of directors, at the Damascus-based Dama Rose Hotel.

The ceremony included displaying a documentary film on history and civilization of Maaloula town, shedding light on crimes committed by the terrorist organizations, the Syrian Arab army’s battles to re-establish security and stability to the town, as well as the rehabilitation works to restore heritage sites.

In a statement to journalists, Nasrallah said that the book is the fifth part of his encyclopedia entitled “Maaloula, the history of mankind, the sanctity of the land and tongue”, adding that the book consists of three chapters, the first of which highlights the history of Arameans who lived in Syria since the second century B.C., the second chapter was dedicated to the Aramaic Language in Maaloula while the third chapter underlined the importance of Aramaic Language and the researchers’ interest in studying the heritage and the civilization in Maaloula.

He noted that the encyclopedia aims at documenting and preserving the heritage of Maaloula as part of the Syrian heritage which conveyed a humanitarian message to the entire world.

Friends of Maaloula Association was found in 2006. Researcher Elias Nasrallah was born in Maaloula 1939. He graduated from the Department of Philosophical & Social Science at Damascus University and holds an M.A in Educational Qualification.

Tourism Minister, Bishr Yazigi, Minister of State for Environment Affairs Nazira Sarkis, Head of Friends of Maaloula Association Board of Directors, Joseph Thabet and some of those interested in history attended the ceremony.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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