Information Minister: Wednesday will be a special day in Syrians’ political life

Damascus, SANA – Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi said that holding the People’s Assembly elections is a constitutional requirement and the constitution must be respected.

In an interview given to the Syrian TV on Tuesday night, al-Zoubi said that elections day on Wednesday will be a special day in the Syrians’ political life, as all citizens want to express their positions and the Syrian public opinion is fully aware of who conspired against them and will hold them accountable one day.

He stressed that the political process to resolve the crisis in Syria is a separate issue from the elections which are a constitutional issue, stressing that the constitution will remain in effect until it’s replaced by a new one.

The Minister said that the cessation of hostilities in Syria hasn’t failed and cannot fail since it produced positive effects, but some sides want to undermine that.

Regarding the political track in Geneva, he said that its success isn’t up to the Syrian Arab Republic alone; rather its success relies on the will of the other sides participating in the dialogue, and the statements made by the Riyadh opposition imply that they want to abort the dialogue in Geneva.

Al-Zoubi went on to say that political transition would involve changing the constitution, and this requires certain preludes like an expanded national government that prepares for constitutional amendments, followed by a referendum in which the people would decide.

“We want the political process to succeed, and the success of this process might entail in one day to meet directly in negotiations and it may not, but if it does, there must be preludes,” he said, adding that the prospect of unifying the so-called opposition forces is a difficult task entrusted to the UN Special Envoy, noting that leaks from the meetings of the Riyadh delegation imply differences and disagreements among its members.

The Minister also pointed out to the practices of the Saudi and Turkish regimes and their attempts along with the Israeli enemy to undermine the Syrian state, referring to media reports on large shipments of weapons that are located in Turkish harbors or airports or harbors in the Red Sea or Jordan.

Hazem Sabbagh

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