GFTU condemns abducting more than 300 workers in Damascus Countryside by ISIS

Damascus, SANA- General Federation of Trade Unions condemned the ISIS terrorists ‘crime of kidnapping more than 300 workers and contractors from al-Badiyeh Cement Company- a closed joint-stock company located north east of Abu al-Shamat area in Damascus Countryside.

The union sent letters to the International Labor Organization (ILO), International Trade Union Confederation (ITCU) and International Confederation of Arab Trade Unions, in which it condemned this heinous crime, demanding labor organizations in European countries to put pressure on their governments to stop supporting terrorism and work by all means to liberate the kidnapped workers soon.

It also demanded all brotherly and friendly labor organizations to stand by the Syrian workers who have been facing terrorism and to put pressure on their governments to implement UN Security Council resolutions related to countering terrorism and imposing sanctions on terrorism supporters.

The union affirmed that terrorist crimes will not undermine the stance of working class that supports the Syrian Arab Army’s war on terrorism and its sponsors and their criminal schemes.

Manar / Ghossoun

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