Weather forecast: Partly cloudy, rainfall expected

Damascus, SANA – Various areas of the country witnessed different amounts of rainfalls during the past 24 hrs.

The Agriculture Ministry said Tuesday that the highest rainfall in the provinces of Damascus and its countryside and in Sweida reached 17 mm in Sarghaya and Ain al-Arab, respectively.

Meanwhile, the highest amount of rainfall in Daraa reached 13 mm in Sheikh Miskin, while in in Quneitra it reached 25 mm in Hadar and 32 mm in al-Nassera in Homs province.

Hama province witnessed 60 mm in Mesyaf and 45 in Rasafe, while the coastal Tartous province witnessed 41 mm in Qadmous and 38 mm in Sheikh Badr, and the neighboring Lattakia province witnessed various amounts of rainfall ranging from 3.08 mm in Slunfeh to 37 mm in Qardaha.

In the northern province of Aleppo rainfalls reached 5mm in Ezaz, while in the northeastern province of Hasaka it reached 22 mm Tal Alou and 26 mm Qahtaniya.

As for the weather forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday, the Meteorology Department expected the temperatures to start rising but said they will remain below average, while it remains partly cloudy and rain is expected in the western, coastal and northern areas.

As for Wednesday, the weather is expected to remain partly cloudy and rainfalls are likely in the northeastern areas of the country.

Temperatures expected in major Syrian cities are as follows: Damascus, 16/7, Quneitra 13/5, Daraa 17/8, Homs 16/7, Hama 17/8, Hasaka, 17/9, Lattakia 15/10, Tartous 16/11, Aleppo 15/6, Idleb 16/7, Deir Ezzor 17/9, Raqqa 16/8.

Barry/H. Said

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