Over 34 killed, 200 injured in three terrorist attacks in Brussels

Brussels, SANA – At least 34 people were killed and around 200 others were injured on Tuesday due to three terrorist attacks that took place at Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels, the Belgian capital.

Two blasts struck a packed airport departure lounge at Brussels airport, claiming the lives of 14 people and injuring 96 others, 10 of them are in critical condition

A third blast hit Maelbeek metro station close to the EU HQ,leaving 20 people dead and 106 others severely injured.

The entire metro system was shut down across the city, while terror alert was raised to maximum level.

All metro stations in the city have been closed and the government held an emergency meeting.

Belgium’s neighbors have tightened borders security after the terrorist attacks and a number of European airports and metro stations raised their threat level in fear of similar attacks.

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