seven civilians killed in terrorist attacks on Aleppo and Idleb

Aleppo, SANA -Terrorist groups targeted with rocket and mortar shells al-Sheikh Maqsoud and Bab al-Faraj neighborhoods in Aleppo, claiming the lives of four people and injuring twelve others in a new violation of the agreement of cessation of hostilities.

Local sources said in a phone call with SANA reporter that terrorists on Saturday night fired rocket and mortar shells on houses of citizens in al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, claiming the lives of four citizens, three of whom belong to one family, and injuring seven people.

A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA reporter that terrorists positioned in Old Aleppo neighborhood targeted on Sunday Bab al-Faraj neighborhood with more than 3 rocket shells, injuring 5 persons, one of them a little girl.

On Friday, a woman was killed and 6 people were injured in a terrorist rocket attack on al-Midan neighborhood in Aleppo.

In Idleb neighboring province in a new breach of the cessation of hostilities, three civilians were killed when terrorists affiliated to the so-called Jaish al-Fateh attacked civilians in the besieged Foua town in the northern countryside of Idleb on Saturday and Sunday.

Local sources in al-Fouaa said that terrorist groups that are active in Bennish town fired sniper fire on the town’s neighborhoods, killing two civilians while a third one was seriously injured.

Terrorists from Jaish al-Fateh who are active in Bennish targeted with sniper fire al-Foua on Saturday evening, killing a woman.

Terrorist organizations breached the cessation of hostilities more than 249 times since it came into effect on February 27th in an implementation of the Russian-US agreement adopted by the UN Security Council in accordance to statement No. 2268.

Al-Foua which is located 10 kilometers to the north of Idleb has been besieged by terrorist organizations for two years and is being targeted with shells and terrorists try to infiltrate into it, but all attempts were thwarted by the locals and the popular committees. Hundreds of terrorists were killed.

Since the application of the cessation of hostilities agreement on 27th of February, more than 67 people were killed and 65 were injured including children and women due to terrorists’ shelling of residential neighborhoods.

R. Milhem /Manar/Qabas/ Manal/Ghossoun

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