Kremlin: Syria’s territorial integrity is vital for Russia

Moscow, SANA – The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reiterated on Friday that maintaining Syria’s territorial integrity is vital for Russia.

He told reporters that keeping Syria’s territorial integrity is “a cornerstone” for the majority of countries and mainly for Russia, saying this matter is of critical importance for the entire region.

Peskov made it clear that no one else other than the Syrians can legitimately decide about Syria’s future.

He explained that while there is “tense” exchange of views going on at the level of experts on possible options for political solution in Syria, this exchange should not be regarded as talks about the country’s future political system.

“It should not be presented as some meaningful talks on that subject. These are exchanges of expert opinions held in various formats, and not only by Russia or only on that subject,” he said.

“Both the format of Syria’s political system and the format of Syria’s authorities are the issues that are to be decided by the Syrians,” the Kremlin spokesman said. “Only the Syrians themselves can take a legitimate decision about their future.”

Later, Peskov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed with the permanent members of the Security Council of Russia issues related to the political resolution for the crisis in Syria in detail in light of the talks that are due to begin in Geneva soon, with emphasis on the need for all relevant sides to be represented at the talks, including Syrian Kurds.

On a relevant note, Sputnik Russian News Agency quoted Putin as saying that using modern Russian military equipment, mainly warplanes, in the battle against terrorists in Syria has been a serious test for them, adding that the new weapon models used by the Russian military were effectively and regularly used in tests, exercises, and drills.

The Russian President pointed out that the Russian government will continue to support the military-industrial complex projects and develop its production capacity and technological capability.

Since 30th September 2015, the Russian Air Force launched, at the request of the Syrian government and in cooperation with the Syrian Air Force, airstrikes against terrorist organizations in Syria, which led to destroying a number of their sites, training camps, and weapons depots.

H. Said / Manar al-Freih / Manal / Hazem Sabbagh

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