Fifth batch of self-protection squads in Lattakia finishes training

Lattakia, SANA- The fifth batch of self-protection squads finished their training and were given a graduation ceremony on Saturday to assist the Syrian Arab Army in protecting their towns and villages from terrorists.

Lattakia Governor Ibrahim Kheder Salem pointed out that the graduation of self protection squads reflects the unity of Syria’s army and people and their confidence in victory, calling on the Syrians to be ready to defend Syria and help the army in its missions, in addition to contributing in the rebuild process after smashing terrorism.

Commander in charge of the training hailed the enthusiasm of the voluntary youths who rushed to join the army to help protect their country from terrorism, noting that these graduates are ready to carry out the missions assigned to them like manning checkpoints to provide an opportunity for the army to continue its military missions.

The graduated members carried out drills displaying some of combat skills they acquired during their training, setting up check points in addition to dismantling and setting up the light and medium arms.

Hundreds of men and youths from Damascus, Lattakia, Daraa and Homs provinces finished similar training on how to protect their cities, villages and towns from terrorists, in a move to back up the Syrian army and armed forces in fighting terrorism, and to protect the areas decontaminated from terrorists.


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