Syria, Cuba to enhance medical cooperation

HAVANA, SANA- Deputy Prime Minister of Cuba Ricardo Cabrisas said on Thursday that his country looks to events in Syria as if they take place in Cuba, affirming that Cuba recognizes that Syria carries on a war against terrorism and needs all to stand by it.

“Cuba stance towards Syria and the struggle of its people is unchangeable,” Cabrisas said during a meeting with Syrian Health Minister Nizar Yazaji, affirming that Syria has always been in support of Cuba, particularly during the ordeal that Cuba has passed through during the 90ies of the last century.”

He added that Cuba is serious to offer all forms of support and aid to Syria during the current conditions, particularly in the field of medicine and other medical requirements.

“In spite of the difficult conditions the country is passing through, Syria has continued offering all forms of health care, including hospitals, vaccines and free treatment, and the Syrian government has rehabilitated a number of hospitals in different cities,” Minister Yazaji said.

He added that in light of the Syrian and Cuban expertise in the medical sector, both countries are able to establish a strategic partnership in the field of medicine industry and exchanging vital technologies between the two states.


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