Death toll from Israeli brutal bombing on Gaza rises to 171

Gaza, SANA – Death toll from the Israeli brutal bombing on Gaza Strip rose Sunday to 18 , among them children, women and elders, while 45 other Palestinian were reportedly wounded.

With this new aggression, the death toll among the Palestinians rose to 171, including 36 children, 25 women and 10 elderly persons. About 1200 others were wounded.


Palestinian resistance unabated in the face of Israel’s barbarous aggression on Gaza

For the seventh executive day, the Gaza Strip in occupied Palestine has been the receiving end of the Israeli entity’s barbarity given full rein, claiming the lives of over 160, along with more than 1000 wounded.

Civilian victims have been falling daily in big numbers as a result of the incessant Israeli air strikes that deliberately target houses, religious facilities and infrastructure, which runs counter to the enemy’s claims of targeting sites for the Palestinian resistance, particularly Hamas movement that is based in the Strip.

Many children, women and elderly people are among the civilian casualties.

The response of the Palestinian resistance factions, however, has continued unabated, with its missiles and rockets reaching deep into the Israeli settlements, including in Tel Aviv.

The resistance forces shelled the Israeli airbase Belmakhim with M75 missiles for the first time.


Early at dawn, the Palestinian resistance repelled an Israeli airdrop attempt in the northwest of the Strip, with an Israeli military spokesman admitting to the injury of four Israeli soldiers.

Meanwhile, international humanitarian efforts have been blocked as the Israeli occupation authorities prevented the entry of the UNRWA Commissioner and the Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator into Gaza through Beit Hanoun crossing point despite prior coordination between the two sides.

H. Said/ Mazen/ M. Nassr


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