Turkish Homeland Party delegation: Erdogan’s policy in the region is against Turkey’s interests

Damascus, SANA- Ismail Hakki Pekin of the Turkish Homeland Party said the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan came into office to serve the project of partitioning the region’s countries for the sake of preserving the safety of the Israeli entity.

“Erdogan doesn’t represent Turkey,” Pekin, who is chairing a delegation of the Turkish party on a visit to Syria, said during a meeting with Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi on Sunday.

He added that Erdogan is currently paying the price for the role he has accepted to play in the region to disrupt the unity and identity of its countries.

Pekin stressed that Erdogan is practicing a policy that goes against the Turkey’s interests, explaining that Syria is Turkey’s main gate to the Arab region.

“We have to fight Erdogan’s policy,” he added.

The Turkish delegation’s visit to Syria, Pekin clarified, is to exchange views and get acquainted with the real official view of the Syrian government and convey it to the public opinion in Turkey against propaganda.

Minister al-Zoubi, for his part, affirmed the historical ties binding the Syrian and Turkish people, including the family and trade relations, saying the problem is with Erdogan who has put the choice of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology above the national options, doing harm to the Syrian -Turkish relations.

He denounced Erdogan’s attempts to deny his oil deals with the ISIS terrorist organizations, a trade that has been exposed by the media that show pictures of tankers of oil stolen from Syria crossing into Turkey.

Al-Zoubi expressed willingness for media cooperation with the delegation in a manner that serves the interests of the people of both countries.

H. Said

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