Syria’s delegation to World Peace Council in Cuba: Syria open to all political initiatives to reach a political solution

Havana, SANA- Syria’s delegation participating in the World Peace Council in Cuba said that Syria has been open to all political initiatives aimed at reaching a political solution for the crisis in Syria, noting that the close link between terrorist organizations and their supporters abroad had prevented this happening.

Dr. Arsheed Sayasneh, Head of External Relations Bureau at the National Union of Syrian Students said in a speech on behalf of the Syrian Peace Council during the meeting which was held in Guantanamo in Cuba that Syria has sought since the beginning of the crisis to find a political solution agreed on by Syrians without any external interference and said it backed any political solution that guarantees its independence and preserves sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Sayasneh condemned the interference of the Turkish regime in Syria and its involvement in killing and displacing Syrians in addition to stealing plants and oil and depriving them of security and safety.

He also condemned the role of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in supporting terrorists and supplying them with money and arms to prolong the civil war in Syria and forward the plans of the US and Europe.

Sayasneh stressed the importance of Russia’s participation in combating terrorism in Syria and called for assisting Syria in combating terrorism, putting pressure on governments that support and finance it, controlling the borders to prevent the flow of terrorists to Syria and establishing a true and strong alliance to combat terrorism to achieve security, peace and prosperity for peoples in the world.

Sayasneh pointed out the Cuban government’s stances in support of Syria in combating terrorism, stressing confidence in achieving victory thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and the resistant army and support from Syria’s friends.

Qabas/ Manal

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