Haidar: foreign intervention hinders settlement in Yarmouk Camp

Damascus, SANA – Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs, Ali Haidar, said that what happened in Syria and Iraq is evidence of the Zionist support to the Takfiri movement.

Meeting a delegation of Palestinian Liberation Organization headed by Dr. Ahmad Majdalani, the Minister affirmed that the reconciliation among the Palestinians is the only means to solve their crisis.

The Minister added that Palestine is in trouble now because no one can or want to help, pointing out that Syria, Iraq and Palestine are wanted to be areas of clashes to reach political results and end the support to the Palestinian cause.


Regarding the Palestinian camps in Syria, Haidar said that what hampers this file is the same reason that hampers the rest of files around the country, adding the huge foreign intervention in Yarmouk Camp is the matter that hinders the settlement.

For his part, Dr. Majdalani said that the Zionist entity aims at separating the Palestinian forces alliance, halting the national reconciliation and igniting conflict to destroy the Palestinian national project of having an independent state.

The delegation expressed readiness to offer all forms of help to make the reconciliation in Yarmouk Camp a success.


In a statement after the meeting, Haidar said that the Palestinian people in Syria are living on their pan-Arab land, pointing out that Yamouk Camp and other Palestinian camps in Syria are not separate of the country.

B. Mousa/ F. Allafi


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