Exceptional efforts exerted to provide medical services, Health Minister tells French Parliamentarians

Damascus, SANA- Minister of Health Nizar Yazaji, meeting a French parliamentary delegation headed by Gerard Bapt, on Monday stressed that the Ministry exerts exceptional efforts to ensure and deliver medical services to those who are in need and to provide vaccines for all areas.

Minister Yazaji made a presentation on the damage inflicted upon health sector in Syria by the terrorists, indicating that the unjust economic siege imposed on the Syrian people has reflected negatively on the health sector.

Ministry of Health searches for new resources to provide some types of generic drugs to meet the needs of the patients in cooperation with some friendly countries, Minister Yazgi added.

2For his part, Bapt stressed that the visit of the delegation is of “humanitarian nature” as it comes in expression of solidarity with the Syrian people, to know their needs and to work on providing them in cooperation with the NGOs.

Members of the French parliamentary delegation started their visit to Syria on Saturday and they visited Lattakia on Sunday morning and later they toured a number of archeological and historical sites in Homs city and witnessed the destruction and devastation inflicted upon these sites by terrorist organizations.

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