Syria, Story Trans Gas discuss joint project

Damascus, SANA- Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi on Tuesday discussed with Assistant Director of the Russian Stroy Trans Gas Company and Foreign Projects Manager Igor Kazak the status of implementing north central area gas project.

Cooperation between the two sides in carrying out oil projects, rehabilitating some oil fields and exploring oil and gas in Syria were also on the table.

Al-Halaqi stressed that the deep-rooted and rapidly developing political, economic and historic relations between Syria and Russia entail opening new prospects of joint work through carrying out more joint investment and development projects.

He reiterated Syria’s welcome of the Russian corporations which are participating in the stage of the reconstruction and rehabilitating some of the sectors affected by the terrorist acts.

For his part, Kazak expressed desire of Russian companies to contribute to developing oil sector in Syria, particularly as Story Trans Gas Company is carrying out big oil projects in Syria and it seeks to enhance its existence in new vital oil projects.

Earlier today, meeting Kazak, Minister of Oil and Mineral Resources Suleiman al-Abbas asserted importance of continuing the work of the Russian company and its significant and huge projects in cooperation with Syrian companies despite of all current circumstances.

He called for enhancing joint cooperation and the key role played by the Russian companies in regard to the future available investment opportunities in the domains of sea and land exploration of oil and establishing joint companies.

For his part, Kazak expressed his company’s desire to continue work in Syria and to help in overcoming all obstacles facing the implementation of current projects and in the reconstruction process.

He expressed confidence of the possibility of creating various cooperation opportunities, particularly as the company has a real desire to contribute to rehabilitating oil and gas sector in Syria and it has carried out huge projects that have notably supported the Syrian economy.

Story Gas Company is one of the most important international companies that work in the domain of gas and oil, and it started its projects in Syria in 2005 through carrying out the project of the Arab Gas Pipeline and it also carried out the project of the southern central area gas factory and currently it is carrying out the northern central area gas project.

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