Belgian and Dutch activists visit Tishreen Military Hospital and temporary housing center

Damascus, SANA – A delegation of Belgian and Dutch political activities currently visiting Syria visited Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus on Friday, checking up on injured army personnel and presenting them with symbolic gifts sent by Syrian expatriates in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Delegation member Sonja van den Ende, who is a member of the Socialist Party in the Netherlands, said the visit seeks to express support to Syria’s people and army, praising the valiance of Syrian youth in carrying out their duties towards their country.

She called upon the west to witness the reality on the ground in Syria which is different from how the media portrays it, as the state is still standing and there is still safety and construction in Syria.

In turn, Belgian writer and analyst Willy Van Damme said that the situation in Syria is good despite the destruction that affected areas in it at the hands of terrorists, calling on western states to stop supporting terrorism so that Syria can return to the way it was.

The delegation also visited Saadallah Wannous Center for temporary housing in Barzeh area in Damascus, and met the people staying in it who told the delegation members about how they were forced to flee their homes due to the acts of terrorists.

Hazem Sabbagh

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