Lattakia residents stress everybody’s responsibility to call for reconciliation

Lattakia, SANA – The Popular Commission for National Reconciliation in Lattakia met Sunday with the residents of Ali Jamal neighborhood at al-Rahman Mosque in the province.

The residents stressed the importance of enhancing national unity and the necessity that families take responsibility and communicate with their members who ware mislead into getting involved in the ongoing events in the country.

They stressed that what is happening in Syria is a conspiracy aimed at weakening and destroying the Syrian state, expressing confidence in the ability of the Syrian Arab Army to up-root terrorism and restore security and stability.

Lattakia Mufti, Sheikh Zakariya Salwaia called on those who carried weapons to lay them down and benefit from the amnesty decrees so as to have their files settled.

For his part, priest George Hosh from the Roman Orthodox Church pointed out that the teachings of the Christianity and Islam are far from violence and sabotage, calling for generalizing the experience of local reconciliations in all the Syrian areas.

Earlier, The Popular Commission for National Reconciliation in Lattakia met Saturday with some residents of al-Raml al-Janoubi, al-Gharaf, and Bustan al-Samakeh neighborhoods, urging them to practice their role in raising awareness among their relatives and calling on those who took up arms to drop them.

H. Zain / H.Said

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