Patriarch Yazigi: Syria will remain a land of Islamic-Christian fraternity

Beirut, SANA – Greek Orthodox Patriarch for Antioch and All the East John X Yazigi prayed for peace to prevail in Syria during a ceremony on Sunday marking the Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul at the conclusion of the Antioch Conference.

In a sermon during a mass which saw the presence of around 5,000 people at Balamand University in Lebanon, Yazigi said that Syria is familiar with the voice of reason and moderation, not the language of destruction and terrorism or the takfiri mentality.

He said that Syria had never witnessed violations against religion or murder and abduction of priests prior to the crisis, adding “isn’t it our right to yearn for its days of peace and affirm that all difficulties can be erased by an honest word of dialogue and melted by the meeting of the other?”

Yazigi asserted that the Islamic-Christian fraternity will persist regardless of any extremist ideology that make come and pass, saying “Syria is an olive branch… the olive of its peace will not wither.”

He also prated for Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, and all areas of the east which year for peace.

H. Sabbagh

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