Russia blasts UN Human Rights Council resolution on Syria

Moscow, SANA _Russia blasted a recent UN report on the humanitarian situation in Syria, describing it as “politicized and unilateral.”

The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted Friday a biased resolution against Syria that grossly ignored the atrocities that terrorists groups are committing.

The draft resolution was submitted by Britain, Germany, Jordan. Italy, Qatar, Kuwait, the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France.

“As was the case with previous resolutions on the issue, the new one blamed the Syrian government solely for violence and stopped short of identifying the grave threat to human rights coming from Jihadists in Syria whose acts are aimed at stabilizing the region,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

The resolution displays chilling disregard for documented crimes of terrorists linked to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “ISIS”, Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic Front, including executions of civilians, torture, rape, recruiting children and persecuting minorities, said the statement.

Commenting on the stalled political process on the Syrian crisis, the ministry said the resolution speaks of a primary goal which is the formation of a “transitional governing body,” an aim the statement said is “a distortion of the agenda put forth by the Syrian parties to the talks for a comprehensive settlement.”

Moreover, the ministry added that the resolution directs an unfounded criticism against legitimate elections that took place in a sovereign country, referring to 3 June presidential elections in Syria.

Russia has suggested amendments to make the text “balanced and reflective of the current state of affairs”, the statement said, among them the expression of concern over the metastasizing terrorism in Syria and the region, a condemnation of terrorist crimes as well as inviting the Syrian government and “moderate opposition” for cooperation in a counter-terrorism push.

The amendments were shrugged off although they “won the favor of many delegations,” said the statement.

The Russian foreign ministry said that the new biased resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council raises doubts about the real intentions of those who prepared it, saying that it is aimed primarily at “further destabilizing the situation in this country with utter disregard for the consequences.”

“There is no surprise that the level of support for the anti-Syria steps at the Council is waning,” said the ministry, stating that fewer and fewer states are displaying willingness to fall in step with those “who continue to pursue an irresponsible line for changing a legitimate government by the use of violence.”

M. Ismael


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