UN, Tartous Governorate discuss cooperation to support displaced families

Tartous, SANA – Tartous Governor Safwan Abu Saadi discussed Saturday with representatives of UN organizations working in Syria cooperation and means of increasing the relief aid provided to the affected and the displaced people in the coastal province.

Talks centered on means of establishing small projects that depend on material and human resources of the province as well as helping farmers find markets for their products.

Talks, also, focused on the necessity of providing Tartous with cancer drugs and medical equipment, in addition to the need for rehabilitating the infrastructure of makeshift centers.

UN Resident Representative in Syria Jacob al-Hilo stressed the need for improving partnership between the United Nations and Syria and changing it from the relief level to the level of productive projects that provide job opportunities.

He asserted the need for benefiting from the successful experience of Tartous in receiving the displaced and broadening a number of the productive projects that were established in cooperation with the UN organizations and NGO’s in the Province.

Al-Hilo pointed out that the UN statistics showed that a sum of USD 2.9 billion is needed for supporting the Syrian displaced, expecting than no more than 60% of the aforementioned sum could be provided by the end of the current year, which increases the need for self-funding local projects.

The Governor, for his part, referred to the need for long-term projects.
R. Milhem/ Barry

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