Syrian, Iraqi expatriates and Belgians protest terrorism and Al Saud’s support for it

Brussels, SANA. Hundreds of Syrian and Iraqi expatriates and Belgian citizens organized a protest outside the Saudi embassy in Brussels, denouncing Saudi’s support for terrorist organizations and its work to spread chaos and destruction in Iraq and Syria.

The protestors, gathering in Franklin Roosevelt St. where the Saudi and Iraqi embassies are located, said that Al Saud’s policies of supporting terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq and dividing the region will backfire, and that the spread of terrorism is a threat to the entire world.

They stressed that the Saudis’ direct support for terrorists is no longer a secret, calling on western governments to pressure Saudi Arabia into ceasing this support, holding western governments and the US responsible for what is currently happening in Iraq as a result of their support for terrorists in Syria.

The participants called for rallying around the Syrian and the Iraqi governments in their war against terrorism.

Iraq’s Ambassador in Brussels Mohammad Abdullah al-Hamimidi received the protesters and thanked them for their support of the Iraqi people.

H. Sabbagh

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