Cuban officials renew solidarity with Syria in its war against terrorism

Havana, SANA- Cuban officials have renewed their country’s solidarity with Syria in its war against terrorism and conspiracies hatched against it .

The Cuban people and leadership have been standing by Syria in confronting terrorism and the imperialist war waged against it, Director of Africa and Middle East of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), Orlaida Cabrera, said during her meeting with Head of the Syrian diplomatic mission in Havana Dr. Loay al-Ouji.

The martyrs of Syria are like those of Cuba regarding the sacrifices offered to attain independence, dignity and freedom, Head of the International cooperation Department in the Cuban province of Artemisa, Horhe Luis Oramas, and Director of the Martyrs Mausoleum in Artemisa said, noting that Syria and Cuba are in the same trench in fighting terrorism and confronting the conspiracies hatched by external sides.

For his part, al-Ouji asserted that the Syrian people stem consistency and steadfastness during the current war from the parents’ and forefathers’ heritage.

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