Lavrov: Moscow observes changes in West’s attitude towards President al-Assad

Moscow, SANA – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow depicts a change in the attitude of the western countries regarding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In a press conference with his Armenian counterpart Edward Nalbandian in Moscow on Wednesday, Lavrov said there are issues now- that were unacceptable until very recently- being raised, adding that (better be late than never).

“They bet that everything will end soon, but the Syrian political system still has the support of the majority of the Syrians, who see that the leadership of President al-Assad ensures that Syria will not turn into another Libya,” Lavrov said, adding that the US and the West have taken wrong attitudes based on wrong information and estimations, which caused terrorism to spread.

He expressed hope that participants of the inter-Syrian talks will reach more understanding, stressing that Moscow welcomes the participation of more opposition sides in reaching a peaceful solution to the current crisis.

Lavrov said the previous attempts to hold dialogue among the Syrian sides failed because a number of regional- in the Middle East- and western countries had been trying to appoint one side of the external opposition as a representative of the entire Syrian people.

He stressed that a great number of the Syrian opposition members have come to Moscow and they represent about 60% of the Syria opposition.

M. Nassr/ Barry

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