Mass grave in medical complex reveals Israeli occupations’ crimes

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- Rescue teams recovered the bodies of hundreds of Palestinians from a mass grave at Al-Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis, after Israeli occupation forces withdrew from the city.

The Civil Defense reported that the bodies of some 190 Palestinians were recovered from a mass grave discovered in the aforementioned Complex, and noted that many of the bodies were stripped naked before being murdered and the majority of the victims were women and children.

The Civil Defense affirmed the disappearance of some 2,000 residents of the Gaza Strip and some 500 in the compound massacre, indicating that the occupation uses forced disappearance and ethnic cleansing against the people of Gaza in a systematic and deliberate manner.

The civil Defense clarified that there are bodies that have evaporated and turned into ashes, which requires the help and intervention of international institutions to know what type of weapons the occupation is using.

In turn, the Press Office in Gaza announced that the occupation had prepared a cemetery inside the walls of the complex to hide his crimes and executed dozens of displaced, wounded, sick and medical staff.

Shaza Qreima

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