National Initiative for Syrian Kurds holds Nowruz Celebration: Syria victorious by unity of its people


Damascus, SANA – Under the title “The Kurds are Integral Part of Syrian National Fabric”, the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds held the sixth Nowruz ( Spring ) festival at al-Jalaa Sports City in Damascus on Saturday.

Many diplomatic, official and popular figures attended the event.Kurd1

Head of the National Initiative for Syrian Kurds Omar Ossi said al-Nowruz is a day of moderation and peace, adding that the message of this occasion will be conveyed in spite of the terrorist attacks that had been committed on Friday in Hasaka.

He also saluted the Armenian people on the first centenary of the massacre against them and hailed the Syrian martyrs who sacrificed their lives in defense of the homeland.

In a statement during the event, the Initiative condemned the terrorist bombings in Hasaka and vowed to continue fighting terrorists and their backers.

The statement also stressed that Syria will remain immune to terrorism thanks to the unity of its people and the steadfastness of the Syrian army.Kurd

In statements to SANA, a number of clergymen, including the Syrian Greek Orthodox Patriarchal Assistant Bishop Luca al-Khoury, Sheikh Mohammad Ajaj, Sheikh Mohammad al-Omari and Sheikh Mahmoud Nawwaf al-Adday condemned the terrorist attack in Hasaka and stressed that these attacks will never dissuade the Syrians from fighting terrorists until eliminating terrorism.

Mohammad Nassr/Manal Ismael

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