A tourist group of different nationalities visits Bosra

Dara, SANA- A tourist group of different nationalities visited Bosra city on Saturday and toured its archaeological sites .

They admired the aesthetic of the architectural structure of its monuments and its castle and theater.

” Being in its corridors is different from looking at it through the media, because it contains theories of engineering construction that science still relies on until now”, Matthew Fensley , British engineer one of this tourist group members said describing  Bosra.

A tourist from America considered that being in Busra stimulates thinking about Arab civilizations, their brilliance, and how they coexisted side by side without obliterating their identities,and said that the scene of churches juxtaposing mosques is evidence of coexistence and tolerance in its finest form.

Bosra has a great tourist importance because it contains a lot of archaeological sites, this was confirmed by a Chinese tourist from this group.

Fedaa al-Rahai

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