Activities of International Conference “Latest Results of Syrian Archaeological Research and Repercussions of the Earthquake kick off

Damascus, SANA- Activities of International Conference “Latest Results of Syrian Archaeological Research and Repercussions of the Earthquake”, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture, the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, launched at the National Museum in Damascus.

A group of Syrian and foreign researchers, from Italy, Bologna, Hungary and Czech Republic, participate in the Conference as they will exhibit the results of their archeological researches in the Syrian sites where they work.

In her opening speech, Culture Minister, Dr. Lubana Mshaweh, said this is not the first time that the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums organizes such conferences which enables the archeological expeditions operating in Syria to display their works and the results they have reached and exchanging views in issues that give scientific interests and practical expertise for the participants.

Dr. Mshaweh hailed the large number of participation of the scientific figures and the foreign archeological expeditions operating in Syria since the beginning of the terrorist war targeting the country.

 The Minister of Culture appreciated the stances of some expeditions, like the Hungarian expedition which did not leave Syria even in the most difficult stances as it continued its research in the al-Hosn Castle (the Krak des Chevaliers) and alMarqab Castle, in addition to the rehabilitation of cadres and students, asserting that some other expeditions returned to Syria in 2019.

The Minister added that there are five Italian expedition which are operating in a number of hills, including Tell Ebla, Tell Touqan and Tell Ferzat in Damascus Countryside and Amrit and (Tel Kzel) (Simira) in Tartous.

She welcomed all efforts exerted to provide assistance in requalifying the Syrian cadres and unearthing the Syrian cultural treasures, expressing thanks to the Russian voluntary exploration legion for their efforts in supporting the restoration works of Afqa spring in Palmyra.

The Culture Minister hailed the importance of the conference as considered an opportunity to exchange views and open the door for discussion on the means to provide support for rehabilitating and restoring the archeological sites that have been targeted by the hand of terrorism.

Hala Zain

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