Inte’l Economic Forum Russia – Islamic World kicks off with participation of Syria

Moscow, SANA-With the participation of Syria, the 14th International Economic Forum, ‘Russia – Islamic World: Kazan Forum’ 2023, was launched on Thursday in the Russian city of Kazan .

“I welcome you on the occasion of the opening of the 14th International Economic Forum in Kazan,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a message , adding that the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan warmly welcomes guests from many countries and affirms its position as a reliable and sought-after place for large-scale business activities.

Putin said that Russia traditionally enjoys close relations with Islamic countries on a bilateral basis and within the framework of interaction with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, stressing that these relations are based on partnership and respect for each other’s sovereignty and civilizational identity.

Putin said that Islamic countries are actively developing today and gaining tangible achievements in trade, the financial sector, innovation, and scientific and applied research, and Russia is open to the largest possible commercial and humanitarian cooperation with them.

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