Al- Baath Official meets with Turkish parliamentary delegation

Damascus, SANA – Assistant Regional Secretary of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Hilal al-Hilal said that Syria believed and still does in establishing the best political, economic and social relations with its neighboring countries.

During his meeting with a delegation comprising representatives of Turkish parties and MPs in Damascus on Sunday, al-Hilal said the Syrians respect the Turkish people as a significant portion of the Turkish public opinion is aware of the plot against Syria and the region in general.

He stressed that Syria’s stances regarding terrorism is decisive and that it achieved remarkable successes thanks to the sacrifices of its army, highlighting that the steadfastness of the Syrian army had made all of the plots and ambitions of the Turkish regime go in vain.

In turn, head of the delegation, Secretary-General of the Land Party (VP) Dogu Perincek said that Syria is fighting a war in defense of all of the region’s peoples, stressing the Turkish people’s solidarity and support to Syria in face of terrorism.

He underlined that President Bashar al-Assad has made Syria a state that was able to topple the global imperialistic system and foil the project of the Greater Middle East, adding that Syria’s victory has contributed to preserving Turkey’s unity.

Mohammad Nassr/ Barry

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